In all the books and movies I’ve seen, when the guy finds out the girl he loves did something bad or wrong, despite everything he tells her he trusts her. Isn’t that what love is? Loving the good, the bad, and not caring about your past but only your future together. 

But instead of what I had hoped you’d say, you say, “Singapore is so small, we meet people everyday.” To me, just implies, “I shall just find out the truth from other people”. It simply tells me how little trust you have towards me. You will be forever in doubt of what I say to you. When all I’ve told you over and over again are not the lies you think they are. 

It’s pathetic how little you think of me. How untrustworthy I am to you. Yet you want to speak of love when you don’t know love. You cannot see past my past but you want a future together. How will that even work? How does that even work? 

For everything I’ve given up for you, you still don’t love me in the simplest way I hope for you to. Tonight my tears fall because I don’t think you love me at all. 

Feb 18 1:36
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